Ameya Futnani

Hello! I am Ameya.  This is my project.  I am very excited to share my research paper and photo gallery with you!

I am a senior at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, California. While growing up I’ve lived in a few different cities in the Bay Area. I love exploring the Bay Area because of the many different cultures and beautiful landscapes. As a bisexual person I feel very lucky to live in part of the country famous for its acceptance of queer people. I have many memories of being exposed to queer culture at an early age, like when my grandmother took me to my first Pride Parade and going to the theater to see Milk with my mom. I am also a queer activist and I have been the co-president of my school’s GSA for 3 years. I am determined to fight for the rights of queer people for my entire life.