Get to Know the Photographers!

ameya portrait

Ameya Futnani, The College Preparatory School, Senior
My name is Ameya Futnani and I am a senior at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, California. While growing up I’ve lived in a few different cities in the Bay Area. I love exploring the Bay Area because of the many different cultures and beautiful landscapes. As I bisexual person I feel very lucky to live in part of the country famous for its acceptance of queer people. I have many memories of being exposed to queer culture at an early age, like when my Grandmother took me to my first Pride Parade and going to the theater to see Milk with my Mom. I am also I queer activist and I have been the co-president of my school’s GSA for 3 years. I am determined to fight for the rights of queer people for my entire life.

Sarah portrait

Sarah Newsham, The Athenian School, Senior
Sarah Newsham ​lives in Oakland, CA and is a senior at The Athenian School in Danville. She loves traveling, crossword puzzles, and rainy days. She is fascinated by the stark simplicity of water–a simple combination of three atoms–contrasted to the complex way in which it shapes our world. Over the course of this project she has shortened the length of her showers significantly.

jessa portrait

Jessa Nootbaar, The College Preparatory School, Senior
Jessa is a senior at the College Preparatory School in Oakland and lives in Walnut Creek. Her role in diversity activism at her school (as co-president of the Gender and Sexuality Awareness club, as well as involvement in Feminist Union and Black Student Faculty Union) lead her to attend the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, a national event for selected students of independent schools to examine diversity-related issues in their communities, in 2012 and 2014, which opened her eyes to the need for discussion about socioeconomic status and class issues in the prep school environment. As an attendee of summer university psychology programs at Brown and Cornell and a future psych major, Jessa wanted to explore the social and mental basis for the creation of the popularized image of the “middle class.” She also enjoys creative writing, having penned two novels, as part of National Novel Writing Month, and countless poems about the teenage experience in the Bay Area, where her family has lived for generations.

Lillian Saunders portrait

Lillian Saunders, Lick-Wilmerding, Senior
Lillian is a senior a Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco. She has lived in the Ingleside District of San Francisco for the majority of her life but only recently became curious about its history. For her project, she decided to delve into the history of Ingleside with a focus on its architecture in relation to two neighboring neighborhoods (Oceanview and Westwood Park). Exploring the development of each neighborhood has been a very interesting and engaging process as she have learned so much that she didn’t previously know. Her final project is my research paper supplemented with relevant images. She hopes you enjoy it!

Nicole ACT

Nicole Thrower, The Athenian School, Senior
Nicole Thrower was born in Berkeley, California. She is currently a senior at The Athenian School, where she began studying photography as a sophomore. Nicole’s interests include hiking, running, traveling, writing, digital photography, and fashion. When photographing, she tries to capture the personality of a person. She also enjoys taking photos of landscapes, especially sunrises and sunsets. Nicole has been fortunate enough to travel to several parts of the world including Asia and Europe. Through her travels she has become fascinated by cultures and traditions and hopes to pursue cultural anthropology in university.

Garrett portrait

Garrett Vaughn, The Athenian School, Junior
Garrett Vaughn currently attends The Athenian School in Danville, CA but has spent a majority of his life on the road. His other hobbies include writing, eating good food, and of course photography. Interested in the ability for clothing to both unite and define people, his project focuses on clothing as the bridge between our identity.